Start with some simple, down to earth, nourishing meditation. Join one of our live online meditation groups and learn techniques to cultivate mindfulness in your everyday life. And when your schedule is extra busy, we have meditation to go! Pre-recorded audio and video meditations are always available, wherever you are.

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Our in-person, mindful experiences will leave you refreshed, revitalized and ready to live your best life! Learn about forest bathing, treat yourself to a one-day or multi-day retreat, connect with others through meetups and learning opportunities. Wholesome, delicious and prepared with love!


In South Africa, there’s a philosophy called Ubuntu. Roughly translated, it means “I am because we are” and speaks to the universal bond that connects us all. This is the spirit of community, and that connection is essential to our well being. Become part of the Café Community to  share, encourage and uplift as only a community can.

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Your Guide: Susan Madden

Certified meditation instructor, labyrinth facilitator, forest bathing guide and general all-around foodie and nutrition junky. She’s “been there, done that” and believes in helping others find their own.

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