When Less is More

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I don’t do well with clutter. Clutter in my environment creates clutter in my mind, and my mine is already busy enough without that added burden. Yes! Magazine’s most recent issue focuses on just how much is enough. Today I … Continued

Taming the Inner Critic

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I’m a walker. That’s my preferred method of movement, although I do love me a little Yoga with Adrienne a couple times a week. In my younger days, I spent hours each week at the gym, but for me, that … Continued

I start fresh.

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Each day is an opportunity to start anew. I make a fresh beginning. I experiment more. Just doing one thing differently creates a chain reaction. I find myself branching out and enjoying exciting adventures. My confidence increases and my life … Continued

How to be More Like a Dog

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August 26th is Dog Day, a day that has been set aside to celebrate all dogs, everywhere. From those that protect and serve to the abandoned or abused, dogs should be recognized for the important part they play in society. … Continued

Cultivating Your Garden

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You’ve probably noticed, I love being outdoors. And I get out there every chance I get. Jason’s garden has given me many reasons to be outside, and you’ll find me there every evening after dinner. It brings me peace. The … Continued