Walking My Talk

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Throughout history, people have naturally moved. It’s only been in the last hundred years or so that has changed. With the advent of the combustible engine and later the movement of technology into our everyday lives, that has changed and … Continued

Best Salsa Ever!

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With the addition of a few select ingredients, my homemade salsa went from “pretty good” to “uh huh!!!” Because this makes a lot (about a quart) and because homemade, preservative free, salsa tends to go bad quickly (about a week … Continued

Jason’s Garden Episode #3

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There is a nice addition to the Garden since the last time I shared. I can’t wait to spend time there. Here’s a hint: It might involve s’mores and maybe even an outdoor movie. And, you’ll get a sneak peak … Continued

10 Ways to Lead a Fearless Life

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Most people have at lease a few fears. Fear played an important role in our evolution, keeping us safe from harm, and is responsible for our fight, flight or freeze response. Just think how much more interesting and rewarding your … Continued

Vegan Caesar Dressing

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Here’s a super easy vegan dressing that you can enjoy to dress your salad or as a dip on your next vegan charcuterie board! For a simple vegan Caesar Salad, just mix equal parts Romaine and massaged kale, toss in … Continued

The Go Green Challenge

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Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day, an internationally recognized day bringing awareness to the importance of taking action to protect our planet. As far as I’m concerned, every day is Earth Day. We can all do our part in reducing … Continued

Jason’s Garden, Episode #2

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The ground’s been leveled and the dry creek bed is in. It’s definitely a work in progress and here I share my thoughts and vision for this space of meditation, remembrance and celebration. Plus another cameo by Mamacita as she … Continued

Good Medicine

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“Laughter is the best medicine.” While there is some question as to where this saying originated, it couldn’t be more true. Get this, it turns out that meditation and laughter have a lot in common. Both lower blood pressure and … Continued