Banana-Peach Nice Cream Sundae

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Here’s the perfect dessert for a hot summer evening. It goes together easy, and there’s no heat involved! You’ll be surprised how yummy it is. Just be sure to allow time for freezing the fruit and the finished nice cream. … Continued

The Myths of Meditation

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As meditation increasingly makes its way into mainstream society, we find that more of us are enjoying the benefits. For people who haven’t yet tried it, there may be a shroud of mystery surrounding it. Maybe they have some pre-conceived … Continued

Building Blocks of Wellness #3: Movement

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Today’s post is the second in a series of articles on what I call the Four Building Blocks of Wellness: Community, nutrition, movement and mindfulness.  Throughout history, people have naturally moved. It’s only been in the last hundred years or … Continued

Portobello Fajita Tacos

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The simple fajita sauce is what makes these tacos. If you pre-cook the veggies in the morning when the kitchen is cool, a quick heat up right before dinner will do the trick. And don’t forget the margaritas to add … Continued