Less stress, more calm

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April is Stress Awareness Month and each year I like to share a bit about the causes of stress as well as ways to reduce stress. For most of us, when we think of stress, we think of those times … Continued

And Mindful Travel, Too

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Spring is here and summer travel plans are underway. So, as a mindfulness guide, I had to ask myself: Can we make travel more enjoyable by practicing mindfulness? Let me preface this by saying, travel is often not very environmentally … Continued

The Power of One

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As if our world wasn’t turbulent enough, we are now faced with news that Russia has invaded Ukraine. And that should matter to you immeasurably, because the fall of Ukraine would mean another democracy succumbing to authoritarian power. Many of … Continued

Practicing Non-Judgment

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In meditation group, we talk a lot about the idea of observing without judgment, and this week I made that the focus of the guided meditation. Letting go of judgments can be particularly challenging, and yet it’s an essential part … Continued

Lovingkindness Meditation

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I have a favorite meditation, one that I do almost every morning. It’s called Lovingkindness, or Metta meditation, and it has the power to create a more peaceful world. Lovingkindness is a practice rich in compassion, both for oneself and … Continued