Getting Unstuck

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At times I feel “stuck” and I’m guessing you do too. Like I’m sort of wedged in to a tight space, and it’s easier to stay than to figure out how to get out. But staying put only holds you … Continued

Derailment Happens

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This is how it usually goes. Sometime during the week, something stands out that becomes the subject of my next blog post. It may be an interaction with someone, or an event I attended, or just something in my daily … Continued

Knee-Jerk or Pause and Proceed?

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One of the greatest gifts I’ve received from my meditation practice, is that I am now much more likely to respond to a difficult situation than react. That’s not to say I don’t fall into old reactive habits sometimes, I’m … Continued

The Gift of Imperfection

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Perfection is so overrated, don’t you think? I like to say I’m “perfectly imperfect” meaning I accept myself just as I am, with all my flaws and imperfections. Imperfections are what make us more interesting, special and unique. All those … Continued

Lessons from a Wildfire

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It’s Fire Season in the Central Sierra. Until about ten years ago or so, Fire Season never used to be a thing. Now, it takes it’s place alongside the calendar seasons and tourist season. It’s everyone’s least favorite season, and … Continued

Wondering & Wandering

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Photo Credit: Day Schildkret Over the next year, I’ll be sharing a bit about a new course I’m taking called “Morning Altars.” This is a full, year-long class that meets weekly for a couple hours and then we meet for … Continued