Behold, the Potato

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Potatoes get a bad rap. However, did you know that potatoes are high in iron and vitamin C (which helps the iron absorption), as well as having more potassium than a banana and a good dose of vitamin B6? Potatoes … Continued

Banana-Peach Nice Cream Sundae

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Here’s the perfect dessert for a hot summer evening. It goes together easy, and there’s no heat involved! You’ll be surprised how yummy it is. Just be sure to allow time for freezing the fruit and the finished nice cream. … Continued

Portobello Fajita Tacos

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The simple fajita sauce is what makes these tacos. If you pre-cook the veggies in the morning when the kitchen is cool, a quick heat up right before dinner will do the trick. And don’t forget the margaritas to add … Continued

Chock Full o’ Veggies Salad

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The warm weather is here and I love me a cool salad. This one gets its power from lots of veggies as well as edamame and nuts for protein. A well-rounded meal or delicious side dish for lunch or dinner, … Continued

White Bean and Avocado Dip

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This creamy, dreamy dip/spread comes together easily with the help of a food processor. The beans make it high in protein and you get a dose of healthy fat from the avocado. This is definitely going on our next charcuterie … Continued

Chocolate Chip Muffins

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When you’re in the mood for something sweet, but not too sweet, that includes chocolate (which is all the time for me), these muffins might just do the trick. And, of course, they’re vegan! Ingredients 1 cup whole wheat flour … Continued

Best Salsa Ever!

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With the addition of a few select ingredients, my homemade salsa went from “pretty good” to “uh huh!!!” Because this makes a lot (about a quart) and because homemade, preservative free, salsa tends to go bad quickly (about a week … Continued