How Will You Spend Your Twixmas?

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I learned a new term today: Twixmas. As the name implies, it’s that time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, that unique time of year when many are off work and the rush of the holiday season is nearing it’s end. As far as I can tell, the term originated in England, a mix of “betwixt” and “Christmas.” Those British are so clever!

So, how will you spend your Twixmas? I suggest we all take a nice deep cleansing collective breath. Come on, sigh it out now. Ahhhhh. I can almost feel Mother Earth relaxing, releasing the tension that has built up over the past year.

Now take a few moments to decide how you want to spend this time. For some of you, it will be all about winding down, wrapping up in your favorite blanket, grabbing a cuppa, and binge watching or binge reading a new series. For others, it’s getting outside with family and enjoying the magic of winter. And still others might use it to plan and prepare for the coming year.

For me, Twixmas is a time of reflection. I take this opportunity when I’m shopped out from the holidays, business is slow and winter weather is upon us to sort of switch off from everyday life. It’s a week of self-care, a way to recharge my battery and prepare for the coming year. Ten years ago, I used the week to attend a silent meditation retreat that changed my life.

As I reflect on the past year, my thoughts go to those areas of my life that are most meaningful to me. Things like family and nature and my health. Did I cherish them as much as I intended? Where can I make more room for them?

I know that I am lucky in the sense that I am able to take this time for quiet, and I am grateful. Not everyone is in that position, because of work or family or finances or any number of reasons. Take what time you can and enjoy the season of Twixmas. Whether that’s a family vacation, or a technology cleanse, or deep cleaning your house, or long baths with long books, lean into the season in whatever way works for you.

Happy Holidays everyone, from mine to yours.

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