I accept my emotions and allow them to serve their purpose.

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My emotions inform me that what I am doing or considering is worthy of further investigation. That is their only purpose. Without judging them as good or bad, I can observe and learn from them.

My emotions can lead me astray. That is why I refuse to allow my emotions to make decisions for me. My emotions simply inform me that I need to take a closer look.

The emotion of fear can cause me to miss out on many wonderful experiences and opportunities. When I feel fear, I take a rational look at the situation and decide if my feelings of fear are justified.

Pleasure can cause me to do silly things that make my future more challenging. When I feel pleasure, I take a rational look at the situation and decide if I am making the correct decision.

My emotions serve me they don’t control me.

Today, I make good use of my emotions. I appreciate and accept my emotions, but I don’t allow them to control me. I am an intelligent person, and I make excellent decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I made a decision based on emotions that didn’t serve me well? How could I have responded differently?
  2. When have I done something that felt good in the short-term, but made my life more difficult in the long-term?
  3. If I made my decisions based on thoughtful consideration, how would my life change?

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