I build community.

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I create a close circle of family and friends. I build a personal community that helps me to thrive.

I deepen my current relationships and form new friendships. I treasure the long-standing connections that I have built over the years. I open my heart and welcome new faces into my life.

I focus on quality rather than quantity. My relationships are based on shared values and goals. Having a handful of family and friends I can count on is more valuable than a wide variety of superficial contacts.

I honor my commitments to others. I pay attention to their needs. I express my interest in their activities. I devote time and energy to maintaining regular communications and I suggest activities that we can share and enjoy.

I allow others to know me. I talk openly about my feelings and experiences.

I make introductions. I find ways to bring my contacts together when I think they are compatible and would benefit from the exchange. Building mutual friendships strengthens my social network.

I share encouragement, support, and practical assistance. I give out sincere compliments and constructive feedback. I am generous with my time and resources. I take satisfaction in building challenging and rewarding connections.

Today, I reach out to others and cultivate mutually fulfilling relationships. My community gives me the strength and inspiration I need to enjoy life and keep growing.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does connecting with others help me to know myself?
  2. Who is one acquaintance that I would like to get to know better?
  3. What can I do to be a friendly and helpful neighbor?

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