I Embrace the Wisdom of Winter

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I find great solace in the silence of winter. When things slow down and I come home to my hearth, I also come home to my heart. The wisdom of winter helps me go within for answers.

Just as I pull my coat and scarf closer around my body, I curl up around the fire of my heart. I listen to the fire in the fireplace for ‘cracks and pops’ that help me hear the wisdom within. It is like the fire is talking to me. I listen very carefully.

Ancient wisdom have taught me the wisdom of winter. How to go within. How to restore like trees in the snow. How Mother Earth sleeps in the winter.

I have learned many lessons and continue to go deeper within.

Wintertime is a great time for me to journal my thoughts. It is as if winter was made just for me. Winter gives me time to think, plan for spring, and decide what I want in the coming year.

I am grateful for this time.

It seems to me that time slows down in the winter as Nature takes a break from activity. I know that, even though that is what it looks like from outside, much is taking place within. I take that as a lesson from winter wisdom.

Today, I curl up in the blanket of winter’s wisdom. I take time to contemplate my life, reevaluate my choices, rest, and restore. I am thankful for this wisdom. Thank you, Winter.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I learn from the wisdom of winter?
  2. How can I apply this wisdom to my life?
  3. Who is open to my sharing of this wisdom?

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