I notice nature wherever I am.

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I am grateful for the beauty and abundance of nature that surrounds me.

Nature enhances my wellbeing. It energizes me and makes me feel more connected. I realize that I am part of something larger than myself. I focus more clearly and put greater effort into my work. I feel calm and refreshed.

Nature relaxes me. My tensions melt away and my mood becomes more balanced.

I spend time outdoors. I eat breakfast on my patio and grow flowers in my backyard. I take a walk at lunchtime and go camping on vacation.

I bring nature indoors. I bring plants and other nature inspired treasures inside.

I use my imagination and technology. I visualize nature by meditating about sunny beaches and snowy mountains. I pick a screensaver that shows grassy fields or playful otters.

I eat whole foods. I start a vegetable garden and shop at organic stores and farmers markets. I prepare meals and snacks at home using fresh local ingredients.

I make my lifestyle more sustainable. I drive less and walk more. I donate used items to charity and shop for pre-owned items. I use the library or buy gently used instead of buying new books I support policies that protect and preserve the environment.

Today, I surround myself with green spaces. I slow down and notice my surroundings. I live in harmony with nature.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does living close to nature affect my mental health?
  2. What is one outdoor activity I could do this weekend?
  3. How can I share my love of nature those around me?

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