I release guilt so that I can be at peace.

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Acceptance of unexpected outcomes is important to a happy existence. I may be unable to control other things, but I can control my response.

I live according to my principles. Allowing them to guide my actions ensures that I am comfortable with whatever the outcome.

Sometimes unfortunate situations occur, and I feel badly about them. But it is counterproductive to maintain a feeling of guilt. When I am unable to alter the result, I release myself from responsibility to please others.

Instead of feeling guilty about my actions, I take the time to forgive myself. I am human and I am prone to making missteps along my journey.

The lesson from each situation is important. As part of my self-forgiveness, I spend time thinking about the learning experience. Using what happens to guide future action is the suitable approach to reconciling with myself.

Apologizing to someone is a natural response when I am the offender. I am able to put aside my pride and focus on the offended individual. It is okay to express regret to them and still absolve myself. Such an approach shows my maturity and strength.

Today, I am sure of who I am, so I avoid carrying around any guilt for a long period. My priority is to live a peaceful life without the burden of unnecessary guilt.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the things that I tend to feel guilty about?
  2. How readily do I accept an apology from someone?
  3. How do I know when it is okay to absolve myself?

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