I start fresh.

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Each day is an opportunity to start anew. I make a fresh beginning.

I experiment more. Just doing one thing differently creates a chain reaction. I find myself branching out and enjoying exciting adventures. My confidence increases and my life seems fuller.

I stop and think before I act. I make conscious choices instead of operating on autopilot. I watch out for self-limiting beliefs and habits that make me less effective. I develop new routines that leverage my strengths and prepare me for success.

I forgive myself and others. I let go of resentments and disappointments.

I replenish my energy levels. I give my body adequate rest and sleep. I eat nourishing whole foods and exercise daily. I find relaxation methods that work for me.

I evaluate my goals. I drop low-priority projects so that I can devote more time to the activities that give me the greatest sense of meaning and accomplishment.

I follow through. I give my ideas a chance to come to fruition. I do my research, gather the necessary resources, and write out specific action plans. I give myself deadlines and assess my progress.

I embrace change. I reframe losses as opportunities. I find a balance between stagnation and chaos. I give myself credit for being resilient and adaptable. I become more proactive.

Today, I reboot my life. I leave the past behind and take a giant step forward. I focus on being happy and productive.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • 1. What is one thing that holds me back from a sense of renewal and re-commitment, and how can I overcome it?
  • 2. What is one action I can take today to get me started?
  • 3. How does changing my attitude change my experiences?

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