I Stay Connected to My Roots

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I am proud of where I come from. My origins give me a sense of belonging and purpose. I stay connected to my roots because they are part of what defines me.

Knowing my genealogy is important to understanding my family history. It tells a story of my ancestors and their experiences. I believe that their journey is an indicator of why I am on the path that I am today.

I always make time to reach out to my loved ones, no matter where I am. Maintaining our contact keeps me grounded.

Carrying out traditional rituals keeps me close to my family members. I enjoy old traditions, as well as creating new traditions with my family.

I have an open mind when it comes to new customs, but I still hold true to my childhood joys.

Today, my roots are an important part of who I am. I celebrate my beginnings and the experiences shared with those close to me. They are always a part of me, even when we are miles apart.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my favorite family tradition?
  2. How does my ancestry impact the personal choices that I make in life?
  3. What is a new tradition that I have created with my family?

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