I Support My Loved Ones Who Are Experiencing Grief

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I have compassion for my loved ones who are experiencing grief, because I have experienced my own grief. When I close my eyes in the midst of their sorrow, I feel their emotions. I take the time to support my loved ones who grieve because I know that support is needed.

Because of the love that I have for my family and friends I connect with their feelings. I share in their joy and feel truly happy for them, and I also share in their pain because I am genuinely affected by their low moments.

I acknowledge that grief can be difficult to cope with, so I help increase my loved ones’ ability to cope by being there for them unconditionally. I pledge unconditional support for my loved ones who are grieving.

Even if my loved ones need someone around them in the middle of the night to combat their loneliness from their grief, I am the first to be by their side. I embrace and lift up my grieving family and friends when they need me.

I know I can also support them by expressing comforting sentiments. Although my words might fail to provide comfort in the moment I say them, I continue to offer them and trust they can have an impact one day.

Today, I commit to supporting my grieving family and friends by being a shoulder to lean on during the hardest periods of their life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I offer support to grieving loved ones if I am physically far away?
  2. Are there times when I feel my gestures of support aren’t good enough?
  3. How do my loved ones support me when I am going through grief?

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