I take a break from technology every so often.

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I embrace technology. Technology makes information accessible at the touch of a button, and staying connected to others is easier than ever before.

However, sometimes being so in touch with everything makes me feel out of touch. I am constantly placing a screen between myself and the rest of the world. Sometimes, I need to turn the screen off.

My phone is glued to my hand, my eyes are glued to the computer, the television, the tablet, and my phone. Having everything at my fingertips has made it easy to keep everything at arm’s length.

The best way to reconnect with others is to disconnect myself from the screens in my life.

Sometimes, I write letters—real letters, with a pen and paper. I read the newspaper, a magazine or a book. I reach out to my loved ones in person when I can, and with the sound of my voice when I can’t.

Instead of texting, I opt for talking.

By avoiding screens, I am seeking connections. The screen can act as a barrier between myself and the world. In order to be a part of the physical world, I must spend less time in the virtual world.

Today, I plan to set aside blocks of time where I avoid using my phone and computer. By freeing up my hands, I free up my time, which allows me more time to reach out to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How much time do I spend each day with my phone in my hand?
  2. What is the most difficult part of avoiding the use of screens or technology?
  3. What methods of communication with others make me feel the most connected to them?

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