Inspired by Mamacita

Inspiration From a Cat

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Bupkes. That’s what came to me as I sat down to write my article today. I got nothing. This seems to be a recurring theme for me lately. My last few articles will back me up on this with topics around being uninspired, stuck and housebound.

So, I did what I know works, yet I haven’t been doing enough of. I put on my beanie, scarf, boots and warm winter coat and I went for a walk. My Mama cat came outside with me and was full of energy, racing up trees, darting here and there, just all around having fun. The cats have been inside too much lately too.

But when I started off on my walk, she didn’t follow, which is good because I was headed up the road. I didn’t go very far before I realized my inspiration came from her. “Play,” that voice in my head shouted at me. “Just Play!”

I can’t ignore the voice, she doesn’t let me. She’ll keep pestering me until I answer. And today I say “YES” to play!

It’s not the greatest time for taking a break to play. I have deadlines and projects and important things to do. Yet I know instinctively that those things will wait and I will complete them on schedule.

So, I’m keeping today’s article extra short. Excuse me now while I put on something colorful, turn up the music and pull out my art supplies. There may even be a cupcake in my future. How will you answer your inner voice?

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