Peace is an inside job

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Ok, so here’s a question. Is there more room for peace in your life? My bet is yes, because the desire for peace is universal (or at least global). And what are you doing to achieve a more peaceful life?

I love to help people to achieve greater peace in their lives. It’s my life’s purpose, why I teach mindfulness, why I write these articles. Living in peace is freedom. It’s accepting love and happiness and contentment into your life. It doesn’t mean there aren’t times of stress and anxiety and drama, there are lots of things that will try to steal your peace. But because peace is an inside job, you get to decide how to respond when those difficult times present themselves.

And so with that in mind, today I invite you to sit down with journal and pen, and reflect on these questions. Pick one or two to write about every day, and before you know it, you’re living an intentionally peaceful life.

    1. What does peace mean to you? How would you define it?
    2. How important is having peace in your life?
    3. Describe how you can live in peace in the middle of a chaotic situation.
    4. What are some things you could do externally that would add calm and tranquility to your life and home?
    5. How do you maintain an internal level of peace?
    6. If you work, thinking about your current job, how content are you with it? If you experience tension at your job, how could you change it to maintain your peace there?
    7. Think about the relationships or friendships in your life at this time. Do they create peace within your life?
    8. Worry is a peace stealer. Think about the things that are stealing your peace. How can you let go of them and not worry about them?
    9. Fear can be on many levels. Name a fear that you really want to let go of and the steps you will take to overcome it.
    10. Money can be a stressor. If you are stressing over money, list some things you could change in your life right now to ease that pressure.
    11. Think about how much time you spend on social media. How would spending less time on social media change your life?
    12. If there are people in your life that you struggle to say NO to, write out what you think would happen if you began to say no to them? How would your life change?
    13. Decision making can be hard for some. List the pros and cons of a decision that you are struggling to make.
    14. Who could you show love to today, and what would you do for them?
    15. Forgiveness is a powerful tool. If there is someone you need to forgive, write out who that is, the thing you need to forgive them for, and what you would say.
    16. Think about your home. How can you make your home a place of rest and a wonderful sanctuary?

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