An Interactive drum circle, concert & meditation

Join me for a powerful experience in Peace through Music on September 21st, the International Day of World Peace. This 1 hour online event includes drumming, Native American White Buffalo Peace Song, guided Mindfulness Practice, Musical Ambassadors of Peace performances from Uganda & Egypt, and Gandhi’s all – faith chant from India.

    • Learn how to use music to bring about peace inside yourself and in the world through cultural sharing as a tool of communication building and community.
    • Open your ears to the world singing for peace, featuring Egyptian, African, Indian, and Native American mantras, chants, and rhythms for peace.
    • Music has the power to harmonize people of different languages, cultures, and beliefs. Come experience the heart of peace, the pulse of change.
    • Most importantly, experience how music and mindfulness are effective tools in raising your vibration, lifting our level of consciousness.

I’m honored to be a part of this important event as I lead a meditation in the rhythm of the world.

Bring your percussion instrument! Don’t have one? Create one with items you already have. Christine shows you how.


Watch the video invitation

That time I joined Christine on-stage at the Rotary World Peace Conference, 2020

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