My actions reflect respect for the environment.

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I have the responsibility to take care of the Earth. It is my duty to protect the natural resources and creatures of the Earth so that future generations may be able to enjoy them.

Being a good steward of the earth is about much more than just me. I am leaving a legacy of love and respect for the environment for my children’s children. I am honoring the Creator by taking care of the creation.

I am becoming more informed about the effect humans have on the environment. As I learn about the consequences of my actions, I adjust my behavior.

The easiest way for me to make a difference is at home. Daily, I seek ways to protect the earth. There are simple ways I can show care for the environment such as recycling, reducing my level of consumption, and using smarter technology.

I keep my recycling bins readily accessible. Whenever I use a can or bottle, I quickly rinse it out and place it in the recycling bin. Magazines and newspapers go straight into the bin after I am finished reading.

Before I throw anything in the trash, I try to think of ways the item can be reused. Using my creativity, I find non-conventional uses for old items. My actions reflect the respect I feel for my environment.

Today, I choose to educate myself on practical ways to preserve the environment. I make it my personal goal to make a difference in the world by living more consciously of the effects of my actions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What steps can I take to decrease my waste?
  2. Why is it my duty to take care of the environment?
  3. What recycling opportunities are available in my community?

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