A good retreat offers just the right mix of activities and down time and it’s not “one size fits all.” Whether it’s a one day mini-retreat or a full week long experience, there’s plenty of both mixed in.

One or two retreats are scheduled each year and open to all. Or gather your friends and enjoy an experience tailored to your interests and needs. Special food requests? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Don’t have a location? We can take care of that too!

​And everything is affordable, because a retreat should be enjoyed by all! Rates vary depending on your requests.

For information on the 2024 Retreat “Celebrating the Seasons”

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Benefits of Retreat

Connect with nature.
Henry David Thoreau said “I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” Connecting with nature has been shown to have many health benefits including decreased stress, increased energy and increased immunities. And so, much of our time during retreat will be spent outside, in activity or quiet contemplation.

Unplug from your routine.
Take this time to unplug from technology, leave work behind, let go of distractions, so that you can focus on inner reflection.

Give yourself some love.
Use this time to nurture your mind, body and spirit. While much of the retreat is structured, there will be plenty of “down time.” Heck, you can use the entire retreat as “down time” if you want – nothing is mandatory here. Use your time in any way that feels right to you – read a good book, focus on a project, go for a walk, relax and unwind. Remember when you take time to attend to yourself, you’re benefitting all those around you as well.

Enjoy some healthy eats.
Food is a big part of any retreat, and it’s always healthy, satisfying and delicious! If you have special requests or dietary needs, just ask!

Find your balance.
Retreats always include workshops or activities to help you find your balance. That might be literal, like yoga, or figurative, like a astrological reading. Hone your vision and create your happy, you might be surprised what the practice of retreat reveals.

Get your meditation on.
Not a day goes by with out something new about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, including reduced stress, increased patience, gratitude and greater peace. Meditation is for everyone, and can be done anywhere. Susan Madden, a certified meditation teacher, will take the mystery out of the practice.

A whole lot of surprises!
And those surprises may include anything from movie night to wine tasting, and always a take home goodie bag. The retreat will be tailored to the group that gathering.