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Storing it Up or Letting it Flow?

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In the past week, I’ve been presented with two schools of thought that appear to be very conflicting: 1) save up for leaner times, just as nature conserves for the winter months during times when resources are abundant; and 2) keep the conduit of abundance open so that it flows through you. So, which is it?

Of course, like so much else in this practice called life, there is wisdom in both, and both can lead to greater abundance. And let me make this perfectly clear, I mean abundance in ALL forms.

Let’s first take a look at the conservation in nature analogy. The squirrels and birds are stashing food in times of plenty to get them through the winter months. Other animals increase their fat stores, then conserve energy by hibernating. Trees and plants stop growing and lose their leaves in an effort to conserve. All this so that nature can burst forth with new growth in the spring. That’s some serious wisdom.

Now how about the analogy of keeping the conduit open? A conduit allows something, water for instance, to flow through it. When a conduit is blocked, the flow stops, the water along with debris that the water carries, backs up. Abundance, like the water, needs movement in order to survive, because without movement it will eventually dry up. You can also look at this flow of energy and required reciprocity as gifting if that resonates more deeply with you. More on that in a future post.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have struggled with this concept of keeping the conduit open for most of my life. When I was a child, I had a nice little savings account simply by saving ALL my allowance, which let me tell you, in the 1960s was not very much. It’s something I’m aware of and work on every day, especially in my business, so this article is again, as much for me as for you.

Let’s take a look at a few ways how both concepts can co-exist in your life:

Your work life
Work takes a big portion of your energy, and unfortunately, we don’t have an endless supply. So when you find yourself under deadlines, or working long hours, or unveiling a new offering, it’s important to conserve your energy by getting good rest and doing activities that replenish you (meditation for instance).

Likewise, hoarding all your money; not investing in your career; or not sharing your success with employees, customers or people who provide you a service is a sure fire way to stop the flow of monetary wealth.

Your friends and family life
Like energy, time is finite. Kids grow up and move away, parents age and you never know when someone will leave this earth. Be mindful of how you spend your time, saving it for moments that mean the most to you.

Time truly is precious and sharing your time with others is a beautiful gift. If you are not available to those you love, do you really expect them to be available to you?

Your personal finances
I used to have a negative view of money, as I saw how it can corrupt people – just look at the news today. But money is just money, a piece of paper backed by some arbitrary guarantees, without any power of it’s own. The power comes in how people use and abuse it. Conserve your money by making wise choices in how you spend it.

Not spending it at all however (with the exception of the necessities), blocks it’s flow. Choose how your money can make the most positive impact in the world. That might mean by supporting a favorite charity, helping a friend or family member who is trying to get out of a destructive life or buying from companies that have a purpose that aligns with your ethics.

The environment
We are a consumerist society, always needing the best or latest or fastest … [fill in the blank]. Then we toss out the old. Hold on to that old cell phone or car or pair of pants and let them live out their life before you purchase a new one. I promise it’s easier than you think when you become mindful about it.

Care gently for the environment by planting pollinator gardens, spending a little more for organic produce and helping others become more aware of their impact. All this flow of time, money and energy is what protects our environment.

So you see, both conserving AND letting abundance (in all it’s forms) flow can co-exist. In fact I believe they must co-exist in order to create a bountiful, beautiful life you, your loved ones and the world around you so deserve.

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