The Power of Gratitude

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In this second of four articles, we’ll look at some very good reasons you want to practice gratitude in your life.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. When you tap into the power of gratitude, you’ll notice some incredible things begin to happen in your life, things you never would have expected.

Gratitude has the power to completely transform your life. Here are a few ways you’ll notice a shift.

You attract good things.
When you’re grateful, you are intentionally, purposefully and powerfully focused on good things. All your awareness is given to the good things that are flowing into your life, receiving good and giving thanks.

And with this focus, you are attracting good things into your life. Like attracts like, says the law of attraction.

What also holds true, is that when you speak negatively, complain, or are envious, you attract more of that into your life.

So, which would your rather attract?

You experience greater happiness.
Numerous studies have shown that being a grateful person makes you happier overall. Really, though, this shouldn’t surprise those of us that practice gratitude. When we’re grateful, our energy is devoted to being thankful for all the gifts we have in our lives, instead of those we wish we had.

And the good news is, that gratefulness is self-perpetuating.

We’re grateful → We feel happy → So we’re more grateful → So we feel happier … and so on.

In other words, if you want to be happier, start practicing gratefulness.

Gratitude deepens your relationships.
A 2014 study found that when we thank people, it makes them want to be around us more. Big surprise, right? Thankfulness is an exchange of positive energy between two people.

We’d all rather be around someone who is grateful than someone who is always complaining, always unhappy, always grumbling. So, when we’re grateful to people, it attracts them to us. They want to be around us more, and the best part is, they become more grateful.

You strengthen your mental health.
Gratitude has been shown to have a number of very specific mental health benefits, including reducing toxic emotions such as envy, anger and regret. Those who live their life in gratitude, have lower levels of stress and depression overall.

You become healthier.
In addition of improved mental health, living a life of gratitude has real, direct, positive effects on your physical health as well. Benefits include: less physical pain, more time exercising, more and better quality sleep and fewer physical symptoms.

In addition, grateful are much more likely to take care of their health, through more healthful eating and regularly scheduled preventative doctors visits.

You are more optimistic.
When you’re grateful, you’re focused on the blessing coming into your life – the goodness you have instead of things you don’t have. Increasing your levels of gratitude has been shown to increase your overall levels of optimism.

And what you focus on expands. Your sense of well-being and optimism grows and suddenly, everything seems possible. You are open to abundance and so abundance comes your way. As Willie Nelson said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

You enhance your personality.
Gratitude can significantly change your personality for the better in a number of ways. Here are just a few:

  • You become more optimistic
  • You are less focused on material things
  • You are more spiritually connected
  • You become less self-centered
  • You have greater self-esteem
  • You are more emotionally resilient
  • You feel better on a consistent basis
  • You are more relaxed

Are you starting to see the incredible power of gratitude? Stay tuned. Next week we’ll take a look at how you can cultivate gratitude.

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