The sounds of nature bring me peace when I am restless.

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I embrace the beautiful sounds of nature every opportunity I get! They are like music to my ears, especially when my soul is restless and desires peace.

Nature gives me the kind of mental and spiritual settling that any man-made therapy is unable to provide.

Whenever I have a stressful week, I look forward to spending time in nature, where river waters gently caress rocks and birds sing sweetly in the trees. This kind of environment instantly causes my mood to soften and my muscles to relax. I love the sounds of nature!

I spend time in nature every chance I get, whether that is in the woods, at the ocean or even in a city park. I know when I deeply connect with nature, in all it’s forms, I am more able to listen to my innermost thoughts and find answers to questions that are plaguing my mind.

Today, I believe in the unspoken power of nature to make positive changes in my life. I acknowledge the messages being sent through nature and apply them to my daily life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I work more time in nature within my busy schedule?
  2. How often do I open doors and windows to bring the sounds of nature into my home?
  3. Do I share quiet moments outdoors with the people I love so they too can experience the messages that nature sends?

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